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coMra Delta 980 Soft set

The 980nm laser provides gentle overall support and focuses on gradually building up the body’s own resources and immune and regenerative abilities.

From $2050

coMra Delta 905 Strong set

The 905nm laser introduces a specialised approach for professionals to treat specific conditions with faster healing and fewer treatments.

From $2,562

coMra Palm

Easy to use and ready to go right out of the box, the coMra Palm is a personal device for pain relief, tissue and nerve repair, and to restore vitality and stamina.


coMra Wave Cell

For all your digital devices – converts harmful electromagnetic radiation into harmonic wave forms that re-energise your water, body& mind.


coMra Wave Coaster

A coMra Wave Cell embedded within a hard-wearing, food-grade silicone coaster. It takes only 10 minutes to re-energise 1 litre of your drinking water.


coMra Wave Pendant

Stunning zirconium, unisex, black/white reversible design, Sterling silver necklace & clasp and additional quartz crystal layer for top of the line protection.


eBook – coMra therapy:
Healing with Coherence

We present our collective coMra experience, both in the light of medical intuition and the rapidly-expanding scientific knowledge about life.


eBook – Health & Holism in the 21st Century

In this book we look at these two major areas; food and health, in detail, and we learn in a practical way how to become ever more self-sufficient.


eBook – A New Approach to Treating Pain with coMra

An introduction to treating and healing pain not only by targeting the pain signal itself, but also by taking into account and addressing other aspects.