A therapeutic approach to Training & Performance

With all-new protocols to increase energy reserves and boost your performance, coMra has the track record for stronger training sessions and the edge in competitive events.

Denisa Barešová – Sports Aerobic Champion

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See specialised sections on:

  • > PREPARATION – For maximum workload, pre-workout and activation & support of metabolism.
  • > RECOVERY – Support for post training, in-between sessions and night-time rest/sleep.
  • > HEAVY STRESS & BURNOUT – Ease anxiety, emotional burnout and weather stress symptoms from outdoor training.
  • > ENERGY BOOST – For a pick-me-up in-between sessions.
  • > MUSCLE  CONDITIONING – For strength training, weight training and bodybuilding.

Includes example training plans for marathon, triathlon, martial arts/boxing and other activities – see how easy it is to incorporate coMra into your own active lifestyle!

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Watch webinar introducing coMra for Training&Performance and another webinar on Athletic Logevity.

Download your free user guide here.

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