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Over 200 treatments listed in an indexed, printable PDF*, or the same user guide in a fully searchable and easy to use mobile application.

Treatments covered: Vitality, well-being and recuperation; surgery; traumatology; otorhinolaryngology; stomatology; cardiology; pulmonology; gastroenterology; gynaecology and obstetrics; nephrology and urology; proctology; neurology; endocrinology; autoimmune diseases; oncology; dermatology; skin and hair care; paediatrics; mental health; use in acupuncture and reflexology; and veterinary applications.

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coMra Palm quick start guide

coMra Palm
quick start guide

A PDF version of the same coMra Palm quick start guide included in the box. Contains all the information you need to get started with using your coMra Palm device.

The universal treatments

In addition to local treatments, coMra therapy also includes systemic. These are designed to support and restore functionality in the central nervous system, blood, organs endocrine and lymphatic systems, and are used for chronic illnesses, boosting the immune system and preventative medicine.

coMra Palm quick start guide

A new approach to healing pain

This booklet is an introduction to treating and healing pain not only by targeting the pain signal itself, but also by taking into account and addressing other aspects that are involved with pain, such as the regeneration of tissue or organs, the regeneration of nerves, reducing stress in the body.

coMra therapy: healing with coherence

In this book, we present the concept, scientific insights, as well as practical implications of coMra therapy that have emerged from our knowledge of this exciting technology and of life. We present our collective coMra experience, both in the light of medical intuition and the rapidly-expanding scientific knowledge about life.

coMra Palm quick start guide

Beauty & Wellness user guide

We believe and trust that you will enjoy applying the coMra treatments in this Guide, and that you will try combinations of all the different treatments to find a Beauty and Wellness regime for you – in the context of your lifestyle.


This published pilot case series explores the role of coMra therapy in the treatment of migraine and develops a holistic view of emotional origins and bioenergetic expression of headaches.

coMra Palm quick start guide


Since clinical data shows that the severity of COVID-19 is associated with progressive functional impairment and exhaustion of the immune system, we propose a treatment approach that is based on a combination of those low level physical radiances that have experimentally and clinically established positive effects on cellular energetic metabolism and immune function.


Amateurs and professionals alike desire the best version of themselves while training to compete in their respective activity. Pushing limits is the name of that game, which means an athlete will train hard even at the cost of their health. Hence, support of the body is necessary, for which coMra is indispensable.

coMra Palm quick start guide

Supporting the natural self-healing ability of the body

In coMra we use colour in concert with near infrared laser light, a magnetic field and ultrasound, and all four of these components are held together by the central idea of cooperating with the body in the healing process.