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All-new comra user guide

Over 200 treatments listed in an indexed, printable PDF*, or the same user guide in a fully searchable and easy to use mobile application.

Treatments covered: Vitality, well-being and recuperation; surgery; traumatology; otorhinolaryngology; stomatology; cardiology; pulmonology; gastroenterology; gynaecology and obstetrics; nephrology and urology; proctology; neurology; endocrinology; autoimmune diseases; oncology; dermatology; skin and hair care; paediatrics; mental health; use in acupuncture and reflexology; and veterinary applications.

User Guide PDFUser Guide App
*For the best experience we recommend you download the PDF file to your computer and use the latest version of Adobe® Acrobat Reader to view the PDF.
coMra Palm quick start guide

coMra Palm
quick start guide

A PDF version of the same coMra Palm quick start guide included in the box. Contains all the information you need to get started with using your coMra Palm device.

I am Lucky App

“I Am Lucky” is an interactive game emphasising the power of words and how important they are in positive affirmation and setting the correct intent for healing! Win points that turn into coupon codes redeemable against purchases of coMra Palm and other amazing tech from RLT and our partners.